Monday, 7 April 2014

What really needs to be Kosher for Pesah (At least for Sephardim)

It's that time of the year again when I get the following questions. Does butter really need to be kosher for Passover? Do my dogs really need to have non-hametz dog food? Is it true that I need to boil my candle sticks for Pesah use?

Many people suffer from Pesah neuroses. I do too for example the word is Pesah not Paysach. There is a segol under the letter פ so it can only be Pesah. But I understand that some things will not be able to be changed. And that's just one word that I can't stand.

But I'm not referring to that or even to the pathological fear of kitniyot. I'm talking about the need for absolutely everything in the house to be boiled or blow torched and every item must have a KLP - kosher for Pesah symbol on it.

Well the truth is that when it comes to kashering of things for Pesah not everything needs boiling water and certainly no blow torching is required. Candle sticks which are placed on the Shabbat table do not need to be immersed in boiling water. Even kiddush cups only need to be cleaned and polished since they were only drunk when cold and only wine or grape juice went into it. You don't need a new kettle for Pesah it only boils water but you do need to clean the outside of it. 

The stove top is kashered by pouring boiling water over it as are the sinks and the bench tops. For the burners themselves clean thoroughly and turn on highest setting for 15 minutes. For the oven if it's self cleaning just run the cycle and you are good to go. If it isn't clean it with an oven cleaner and then leave it for 24 hours then put it on it's highest setting for 1 hour. For dishwashers run it through unused with soap and it is fine to use for Pesah. For tables just cover with freshly laundered tablecloths. Replace table covers if they have food stains on them.

Now for food products remember Pesah is only 8 days. All you really need is matza, wine/grape juice, meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. There are many things that are available on the Seattle Vaad list. It is very comprehensive and has many things for Sephardim to buy. For any specific question on food products just let me know.

On medicines, any tablet pill that has no taste is permitted on Pesah e.g. blood pressure medication. Any medication that is a liquid or has a sweet coating should be sold for Pesah. If there is a real need please call me directly.

Just one small note on pet food. All kashrut agencies recommend the purchase of pet food which is hametz free. Not because the animals need it but because we cannot own hametz even hametz which only a dog would eat. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Pesah and hopefully not too stressful a time in the lead up.

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  1. Thank you, Rabbi! Finally somebody speaks about about PEH-sach... segol!


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