Monday, 3 February 2014

Admitting When You're Wrong and Winning With Class

I've been thinking over the last couple of days about blogging. So far my blog has reached a large number of readers from a wide range of backgrounds. I don't spend too much time thinking about the blogs before I write them, I either answer someone's question to the best of my ability or I blog about something going on at that moment. I'm quite proud of how the blog has gone so far but it also puts a little pressure on. When I cover a topic I can't leave people with the wrong conclusions. 

For example, a couple of weeks ago I blogged about tzitzit. I thought it was a clearly articulated article explaining the basic ins and outs of the garment. However, I think I left out one important concept. Not do I need to wear tzitzit but should I wear tzitzit. Technically men only need to wear tzitzit if they are wearing a four cornered garment but the spirit of the mitzvah and the way today religious Jewish men all over the world act is to always wear tzitzit and that is something that men should be trying to do and something that their sons should be encouraged to do so. 

I'm the first person to say and I want to state this publicly if you are uncomfortable about a sermon I've said, a shiur I've given or a blog or article I've written please tell me, call me or send me an email. I'm not perfect and I make mistakes, if you have something constructive to say please let me know and together we can move forward.

I was caught up all last week with the build up to the Super Bowl and I wasn't disappointed last night! What a result, although for the neutrals it might have been disappointing not to see a closer game. I've been caught up in the spirit of the city. This wasn't just for the Seahawks, this was for the whole of Seattle. People who never watch football were glued to their TVs, surrounded by friends and family willing their team on.

I was so pleased to see that after this game, there was no trash talking from the players. The Broncos didn't play well and the Seahawk players were courteous and said nothing about it. There was no repeat of Richard Sherman calling out Michael Crabtree. This time the Seahawks got the message. Sherman actually took the time to praise Peyton Manning. Sherman realized what he did two weeks ago was wrong. He understood that it's more important to win graciously than anything else. That was Sherman's redemptive moment. He won and he knew he didn't need to degrade the other team. They felt awful already.

When I went on facebook last night there were so many posts all about the Hawks. Everyone was so elated! But a few hours later I started seeing posts poking fun of the Broncos players especially about Peyton Manning choking on the biggest stage once again. I thought it really missed the opportunity. Being happy with our collective success in Seattle should be enough. There is never a need to feel success by making fun of another person, team, town or country. Last night we won with class, we shouldn't ruin it by talking about other things.

My this be the first of many Super bowls! May we show the world how to win with class! Go Hawks!

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